Battle of The Bars 12 UK Edition

Battle of The Bars 12 UK Edition

Sensei Barsparta VS Tatted Strength

Fan of Battle of the bars? you will certainly enjoy this epic battle between Sensei Barsparta and Tatted Strength!

The video below features two of the best street workout athletes in the world at this time. Their performances showed it on the night.

The Uk was amazed to see the amazing strength and agility of all the contenders who took part in this event. many fans showed up for support and entertainment.

The battle didn’t fail to disapoint, watch all three rounds below.

This epic Streetworkout battle took place on Saturday 14th May 2016 at the NEC arena, Birmingham, UK.

For the final battle of the day Sensei and Tatted Strength face it off again in the twelfth battle of the bars event.

Coming all the way from America to defend his middle weight title, Tatted strength managed to retain the belt with incredible style and an impressive show.

Battle of the bar 12 line up and full results:

  1. Round 1: Happy Joe Frey vs David larsson (Winner Joe Frey)
  2. Round 2: Azbobarz vs Starboy Asian (Winner Starboy Asian)
  3. Round 3: Melanie Barstarzz vs Russian (Winner Melanie Barstarzz)
  4. Round 4: Jaco Excellence vs Lguecruz Streetworkout (Winner Laucruz Streetworkout)
  5. Final battle: Sensei Barsparta vs Tatted Strength (Winner Tatted Strength)

Battle of the bars 12 tournament highlights

See highlights of all the Streetworkout athletes performing at the NEC arena.

Coming from all over the world, we have to give it to all the bar competitors for giving it their best. Each performance wowed the cowed and rocked the Birmingham stage.

Watch this epic video produced by Victoria Pictures capturing clips from this event!

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