Calisthenics and Street workout

Calisthenics and Street workout

What is Calisthenics

Calisthenics can be defined as a type of gymnastic style training designed to develop muscular strength and promote physical health.

In addition, street workout is a new activity and sport that has been developed through the different styles of calisthenics. The calisthenics movements are put together in a stylish form of working out, and you can take part where ever you are. Calisthenics is gaining in popularity, and it’s becoming one of the most advanced and appreciated fitness activities worldwide. Here are some of the benefits in a nutshell:

  1. It promotes general health and muscle strength.
  2. It’s free, and you can do it everywhere.
  3. It’s one of the best ways to lose weight.
  4. It improves your body’s posture and generally provides better stability and body control.
  5. It’s perfect for making new friends, but also great for an individual practice.
  6. It’s fun, free and anyone can do it!

Street workout in sport

Street workout has become quite a crowd pleaser, as a result, focus groups and professional sporting brands have been impressed by the athletes agility and strength. Now, you can find street workout events being showcased as a sport. In addition, the best performances consist from a mix of strength, agility, style and bar tricks. Because the sport is so extreme, you can see why the fitness industry has to take notice of the movement. Winners have a well established title of being champion and contestants can compete for titles of the world in this sport.

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Free Calisthenics Workout

Get ready to take your body to the next level in a workout that will improve your calisthenics game and you can do this from the comfort of your own home or at the gym.

The difficulty rating of this circuit is: MODERATE

By engaging in the exercises below you will enhance your core strength, build natural distributed muscles around the body and build strength and endurance.

This is great for anyone who is looking for a circuit to engage in at the gym or at home, it’s also proven that using calisthenics in your training will improve your overall performance in any sport. So it’s perfect for the athletes out there as well.

This is a full body calisthenics circuit so all muscles will be activated during the period of the workout so make sure you get a good stretch on before you start the workout.

Some good stretches to include are:

– Arms stretched in the air, hands locked together and lean to the right then left. Make sure to bend your body and don’t lose form.

– Raise one arm in the air, bend the elbow with your hand falling behind your neck and hold the elbow with your adjacent hand then push down. (Do this for both arms).

– stand in a straight position, slowly lean your body forward with your hands touching your toes.

Repeat all stretches at least twice and hold for at least 10 seconds each.

Now it’s time for the workout, here’s how it’s going to go down!

FOCUS: Chest and arms

20 Body dips:

We will start by doing 20 dips using two parallel bars, we know that not all gyms have these dip machines and we aren’t likely to have these at home, however, calisthenics is all about compromising to your surroundings to get the job done. Anything can be used to dip when you see the opportunities, if you have two chairs, tables or anything sturdy that is parallel to each other these will be perfect. Just make sure that your weight will be supported by the objects you use because this is about building strength not injuries guys!

10 push-ups:

Straight after you finish the dips you need to do 10 push-ups to max out that chest, make sure you complete the 10 reps.

FOCUS: Back and shoulders

10 bar pull-ups:

BOOM! We just got chest ticked off, now it’s time for pull-ups, remember this is a circuit guys so we are wanting to get it done with no rests if possible. Time for the pull-ups, you will need a bar for this one, if you’re getting tired already you can use your legs to jump up then bring it down slowly but make sure to get the 10 reps in.

20 inverted low bar pull-ups:

-10 underhand 10 overhand

This one will require a low bar, you can set a squat rack bar in the gym to a lower position about waist height or you can find something at home to hang form, if it’s a table so be it. To do it you simply grab the bar and let your legs rest forward on the ground, then simply pull yourself up. It’s easier than pull-ups but you will be feeling the pain at this stage.

Perform 10 underhand which means grab the bar with your palms towards your face, then do 10 overhand.


20 squats:

Congratulations! If you have made it to this stage you have completed the upper body sets, not bad! Time to get the legs involved, perform 20 standard squats.

10 jumping jacks:

Finally, we have now made it to the last exercise! Only one more left to go guys. We want to fully max out now and get the blood pumping. Jumping jacks is where you step your legs apart from each other (facing forward with your forward knee bent 90 degrees and the other straight with your heel off the ground). You then jump up and switch leg positions, this will really give you a stretch and build your core.

And that’s set 1!

Congratulations for anyone who made it with all reps intact. By this point I’m sure you will be feeling the burn but it’s worth it guys!

That’s one set done of the circuit, you are free to take a short break (max 90 seconds) and then it’s back to business. The exercises above should be done three times to complete the circuit.

Not only will you engage your whole body in that bodyweight exercise but you will most certainly overtime build your core and increased your strength, movement, stamina and performance.

Try it out for yourself and reap the benefits of training calisthenics.

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