Europe’s Best Street Workout and Parkour Parks

Europe’s Best Street Workout and Parkour Parks

Europe’s best street workout parks

Before the invention of treadmills, and air conditioned gyms, people were getting strong and ripped using nothing more for resistance than our own body weight. Pressing, pulling, and squatting are hardwired into our DNA and so does the practice of calisthenics. Making a real comeback in the world of fitness and bodybuilding, this practice has been around seen Ancient Greek times. But where can you go in Europe and England to have a go at this form of training?

Fear not as we have travelled around Europe and got a train to Kettering to test the best street workout parks that Europe has to offer. So before you head off to your gym with the coffee shop and sauna, why don’t you consider giving one of these places a go? Are you man enough?

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The Compound is a Street and Calisthenics Fitness Facility in Kettering-

Ok so number 1 on our list is Kettering, which may not be very glamorous when thinking of European cities, but the Compound has been running for over four years! What makes this park stand out from the crowd is it fitness regimes! The Compound follows fundamental basics and foundations for the body. They consist of Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Dips, Squats, And Abdominal Crunches or Sit-Ups. It’s making me tired just typing it!

Calisthenics Park in France. Across the channel we go and enter Calais.

Since 2016 this outdoor gym has been equipped with all the apparatus to gain the body want. This popular and new street workout park has high bars for muscle ups and pull ups, a set of double parallel bars, swedish wall bars, low bars, vertical poles and a monkey bar.

Hellevoetsluis Calisthenics Park in the Netherlands.

This outdoor gym is situated on parkland and is home to the famous stainless steel bars. Whatever, bar you’re seeking it’s here! So whether, it’s pull up bars, parallel bars, Swedish wall bar, high bars, low bars and incline benches for core workout. For someone wanting to build upper body strength, this is the park for you!

Kortrijk Calisthenics Park in Belgium.

Built only this year, this outside gym has got the calisthenics enthusiasts excited! The designers have loaded this street workout park full of equipment! Here you find pull up bars for muscle ups, parallel bars for dips, monkeybar, Swedish wall bar for human flag, low bars for push ups and incline benches for crunches. What else do you need?

Primrose Hill Outdoor gym in London-

(You can’t leave London out of the mix!) This calisthenics street park includes pull up bars, parallel bars, rings, low bars, sit up benches all situated in the posh suburbs of London. This street park is perfect for a trip to the capital, and whilst it may not have the facilities of the more modern parks, it will still help to get that body you’re seeking!

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