How To Get A Low Muscle up

How To Get A Low Muscle up

For those who are aiming to get the muscle up on a low bar but aren’t quite there yet… Don’t panic!

I have a few tips for you that should help you in getting that muscle up.

First of all, its important that you know and can perform the normal muscle up on the high bar, it also benefits you to do the muscle up without much momentum on the high bar just to gain more strength but don’t worry about perfect form.

I’ve broken it down into three sections that I think determine how to get the low muscle up.

Step 1:

The first part is core strength, I say core strength because it helps if you are able to perform the front lever. For anyone who doesn’t know what the front lever is its when you hang on the bar with your body in a straight planch position.

The front lever will help you when coming down from the muscle up as you have to come into this, for only a short period of time, so that you don’t kiss the concrete. Don’t worry about having this lever super strong as its only held for a fraction of a second in the muscle up.

Step 2:

The second step to be aware of is using false grip. You will benefit from using false grip as it will allow your wrists to cope with the quick rotation and get back on top of the bar. Without the use of some type of false grip you are likely to be left hanging underneath the bar and eventually kissing the earth if you can’t hang on.

In the video you can see my false grip isn’t the best but as long as your wrists have enough range then you will be able to get back on top of the bar.

Step 3:

The third and final step to be aware of is momentum. I say momentum because when you go down and pull yourself up at the right time it takes away a lot of the strength and makes it more technique. You will find your right timing and when you do that momentum will allow you to smoothly flow down and pull yourself back up without much stress.

I didn’t mention this in the video but after you perform these steps you can see that I push myself up to get back on top of the bar where I started. This is just a normal dip which I’m sure you will all be able to do if you guys are attempting the low muscle up.

Hope this helps! and thank you for reading/watching! Make sure to stay connected with PROAGILITY for Street workout tips.

The First UK Calisthenics Tournament

In this epic street workout battle you are seeing the final performance of the UK Bar Tournament. Which took place in the Excel, London on July 3rd 2016.

The two athletes are the final qualifiers who made it through a series of epic elimination rounds where a total of 15 athletes battled it out to make it to the final.

The final battle special

This final performance consisted of a different style of street workout battle. Instead of competing head to head as the usual street workout battles are performed, both athletes had to battle it out for a duration of one and a half minutes each. The time was split up in to three distinctions. In the first thirty seconds each athlete had to perform on the horizontal bar without removing their hands from the bar. The next thirty seconds consisted of parallel tricking and the final time was devoted to floor work.

Watch the battle below!

Special calisthenics star Frank Medrano came all the way over from the US to judge the competition, along with three other experienced judges.

We saw athletes travel from all around the world to make it to the UK Bar Tournament and it turned out to be an epic night in the London arena. All athletes performed exceptionally well and amazed the crowds with a fantastic showcase of moves from the street workout and calisthenics generation.

Featured in the final performance shown above was Ritesh Jaddoe and Darryel Massay.

In an unbelievable close battle, Darryel Massay managed to sweet the victory and take first place.

All other athletes who competed are named below:

  • Aemon Al-jawady
  • Reece Bellwood
  • Simone Ming
  • Jesper Neumann
  • Joel Alonso
  • Shai Boedhoe
  • Daniel Cirilli
  • Anthoney Ferguson
  • Reece Dunn
  • Rico Mesa
  • Dwayne Howell
  • Ruban Baas
  • Curtis Dennison

The UK Bar tournament was presented by Barmob and World Power Show, we hope to see more epic events coming form them soon.

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