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You made your way here, that means you have made the first step to achieving your fitness goals.

Its easy to neglect your bodies well being in today’s society, there’s no time, the gym is too expensive, exercise makes my body hurt… We have all heard it, and I don’t blame you. Today’s society simply asks a lot from us.

For any other subject matters it’s understandable to put your interests first. However, fitness is just one of those things which everyone has to do in order to live a healthy life. Without activating all the muscle groups in the body and physically raising your heart rate, you are more susceptible to something going wrong.

This program is designed to target all the muscle groups in the body within the duration of seven days. It is an intensive calisthenics workout program which basically means that it focuses on body weight only exercises. Using your own bodies resistance you will learn how to put every muscle in your body under tension and force it to grow and become stronger.

The program is very intense but you can use lower rep rangers to start at a lighter level.

This program will:





Your body has its natural force of resistance so the muscles you develop will be functional for all types of sports. Your body will develop proportionally and function correctly.

This is also taught in gymnastics training and all other functional sports training to increase the bodies performance naturally.

What will you RECEIVE?

Pro agility workout

Pro agility workout

  1. Full seven day body-weight training program
  2. Proven body weight exercises that will dramatically enhance your strength and fitness levels
  3. Learn how to workout without using weights, taking supplements or even paying for a gym membership
  4. Get free help and advice on your fitness goals from a professional


Are you ready for the challenge!


This 7 day program is the perfect solution for anyone who is wanting to get in to workout from home and anyone who is wanting to take their body’s performance to the next level.

You will learn how to control your body weight and which exercises are best performed for fast results.

Pro agility journeyPro agility journey

Your journey starts here, if you have any questions on this offer please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Proagility team.